Lord, here I am, help me!

So, what is the first thing you think of when you gain consciousness in the morning? The D60 book shares a “first light prayer.” It is a simple and important way to begin each day. Train yourself each morning to first pray: “Lord, Here I am. Help me.” Such as prayer, as the writers say, is “short, simple, humble, potent.” It

The power of prayer

The Importance of Healing Prayer I focus my heart on two dear people who appear close to death through illness. In both cases it is a malignant cancer. I feel called in this writing to ask for group prayer for these two people–one in a very close relationship with Jesus, the other perhaps not close…

Prayer for the Yemenis

Aisha al-Juaidi is my imaginary friend who has suffered in life, and whom I want to save physically and spiritually. This young Yemeni girl is the antagonist in my newest suspense novel, The Terrorist’s Redemption. When I picture her face, I see the face of one of my fifth-grade students at the School of Tomorrow in Addis Ababa, a Yemeni girl taken out of class five years ago and disappearing, most likely home to Yemen.

As I read that Yemen has had its first coronavirus case (April 10) my heart goes out to the Yemeni people and send a prayer to the people to this war-torn country.

Income Security Needed for This Struggling Mother

Our goal is to assess how she can increase her income security.  The cost of a rental storefront is prohibitive and out of our budget. She cannot use her home—a mud and stick one room “apartment” in a one level row of such “apartments”—for commerce. While she has electricity, all the “apartments” share one meter and thus she could not use the facility as a sustainable commercial cooking business.
We will continually assess the situation and come up with a plan for this hardworking woman and her good-natured daughter. They need help for a step up.

Helping Through Job Training

We began a short-term mercy program of money for food and clothing and other necessities. But the major plan was to work with Hirut to counsel her to improve herself, strengthen her mind and attitude, and move forward into a better life. We gave her an opportunity for job training, and she jumped on it.