Income Security Needed for This Struggling Mother

Our goal is to assess how she can increase her income security.  The cost of a rental storefront is prohibitive and out of our budget. She cannot use her home—a mud and stick one room “apartment” in a one level row of such “apartments”—for commerce. While she has electricity, all the “apartments” share one meter and thus she could not use the facility as a sustainable commercial cooking business.
We will continually assess the situation and come up with a plan for this hardworking woman and her good-natured daughter. They need help for a step up.

Helping Through Job Training

We began a short-term mercy program of money for food and clothing and other necessities. But the major plan was to work with Hirut to counsel her to improve herself, strengthen her mind and attitude, and move forward into a better life. We gave her an opportunity for job training, and she jumped on it.