Summer-Fall 2021 Mission Trip

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  • WHEN: Late Summer/Early Fall 2021. (If Covid-19 is reduced, allowing for safe travels; we ask this virus be abolished in the name of Jesus!)
  • WHERE: Addis Ababa and adjacent provinces.
  • GOAL: Counseling and supporting orphans, single parents, and struggling families. Focus is on supporting current “empowerment centers.” At the same time, we’ll see where God leads as far as adding new families.
  • GOAL: Counseling and teaching at Vision School, an urban slum school in Addis Ababa. Investigate most critical needs. Gallery.
  • GOAL: Primary mission trip focus: helping to develop the food program.
  • SUPPORT NEED: $12,000. Transportation (flight and car rental), $2,000. School support–food and teacher aids, $10,000.

It’s been a tough year for all

That includes students at Vision School in Addis Ababa. The faith-based school selects students from the poorest of the poor from the neighboring urban slum. They feed the brain with the best education possible. And they feed the body, keeping the students healthy.

Then came the Covid virus. Numbers have become meaningless in really showing the devastation to families throughout the world. Ethiopia has had 151,000 cases with 2,259 deaths as of mid-February. A new variant from South Africa threatens to escalate this situation.

Then came the civil war. Fighting began in November 2020 between the government and the Tigray regional government and troops. Over a million people have been displaced because of the fighting.

Meanwhile, Vision School shut down because of the virus. These children have no computers or internet, of course. But Vision School maintained the food program, feeding the children to keep them alive. The school is awaiting permission to re-open along with all other schools.

Our 2020 Mission Trip was canceled by the virus and warfare, and we’ve scaled down our plan for 2021. We’ll investigate their most critical needs and raise funds specifically for the food program. Please read more about the school. Pray over serving children through this amazing school.

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Scott and Gigi Martell have served with New International since 2009. Scott worked with Project Mercy in Ethiopia from 2007-2009. In 2009, Scott and Gigi established a mercy ministry in Ethiopia that empowers women and children and follows James 1:27.

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