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Helping Vision School

Vision School is an urban slum school that primarily supports orphans and children being raised by a single parent. All are chosen by the government due to their poverty and need. Vision School is a not-for-profit Christian school from nursery through Grade 5.

Helping Farmer Abebe, a Lost Sheep

Abebe’s wife died, and so did his spirit. He fell into depression and drinking and left his church. He sold off his land to pay for food for his immediate and extended family. But the church came together to help this man find his way again, and we were blessed to participate in funding and building a decent home to replace his leaking hut.

Helping the Elderly, In A Place Where Life Isn’t Always So Sweet

Debretu lives deep in the sugar producing region where her husband had made a good living before he died. Now, Debretu can’t make ends meet, caring for a disabled son and worrying about what will happen to him when she dies. Ethiopia-Empowerment helps with mercy aid and helps a support group decide how to help the mentally disabled boy who is now a young man.

Helping an Abused Woman Become Self Sufficient

Belaynesh has had a tough life, and lives in a town constantly going through civil strife in opposition to the country’s government (pre-2018). Living in a run-down home, without work, and with four children, she needed a hand up, she needed to be empowered …

Belaynesh and Family original home
Belaynesh and Family remodeled home

Helping the Sick

An almost blind diabetic tries to keep herself and her son alive by sewing clothes…but her eyes are getting weaker and weaker. Ethiopia-Empowerment stepped in to rent her a home so at least they’d have shelter while the mom is counseled on her future income path.

Helping Mumetu and Hirut

Mumetu suffered a stroke and needed a wheelchair. However, upon inspection of the neighborhood, we found such a device would be impossible to use on such rough terrain. Instead, we focused on job training for her daughter, Hirut.

Helping Abby & Tillahun Family

We began by helping an orphan whose mother died of Aids. Before she died, she left her child on a family’s doorstep. Today, the elderly family with whom the mother had left her child are both facing serious health issues. They tend to two disabled sons as well as the orphan, Abby. Most of the needed help in this home is for medicine and food.

Helping a Emebet, a Single, Hardworking Mother

Emebet is one of the hardest working single moms we’ve met. She raises her daughter, Tigist, alone in a mud-and-stick apartment. A good cook, she produces products for sale but police constantly harass her because she has to sell on the street without a permit …