The power of prayer

The Importance of Healing Prayer I focus my heart on two dear people who appear close to death through illness. In both cases it is a malignant cancer. I feel called in this writing to ask for group prayer for these two people–one in a very close relationship with Jesus, the other perhaps not close…

Prayer for the Yemenis

Aisha al-Juaidi is my imaginary friend who has suffered in life, and whom I want to save physically and spiritually. This young Yemeni girl is the antagonist in my newest suspense novel, The Terrorist’s Redemption. When I picture her face, I see the face of one of my fifth-grade students at the School of Tomorrow in Addis Ababa, a Yemeni girl taken out of class five years ago and disappearing, most likely home to Yemen.

As I read that Yemen has had its first coronavirus case (April 10) my heart goes out to the Yemeni people and send a prayer to the people to this war-torn country.